BSOD appeared. What is happening?

I have a brand new laptop Lenovo z510 (Intel i3 4000 2,40 GHz, 8 GB RAM, GeForce 740M 2 GB and running on Win 7 Ultimate x64). While I was playing a game, my laptop suddenly rebooted and a blue screen appeared, saying that I have a hardware problem. Then the screen disappeared and my laptop rebooted. Now it works fine, but I am affraid, since I am in another country and my laptop's warranty is not valid here.

This is not the first time my laptop causes a problem. 4 weeks ago it started to freeze when I shut it down and when I close the lid. I checked power options as well as drivers (everything is up to date). Ever since the problem occurs randomly.

Any idea what is happening with my laptop? I am really frustrated, since it is a brand new laptop that hasn't been hit or dropped. I would really appreciate if you can help me. Thank you very much.
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    Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Properties -> Startup and Recovery -> Settings -> System Failure

    You will see an option "Automatically restart". If it is enabled, disable it. If the BSOD appears again, the PC will not restart automatically and you will have time to read the screen. There will be a hexadecimal error core that will look like this:


    That's just one of many, yours might be different. Usually there are more codes like this one after it in parentheses ().

    Copy this code (you can take just the First one, or all of them with the parentheses). go to google and type "Microsoft support" followed by the code. It will take you to the MS knowledge base site, where you will see an explanation of the problem. very often there will be instructions on what to do to fix it, or even an automatic fix in the form of a .exe file.
  2. It can be a classic case, of a driver problem.
    In both cases the driver crashed or terminated, or became non responsive causing the crash.

    Other causes can be overheating of a bit of hardware, where it stops functioning and does not talk to the driver.

    If you use a Temp monitor program while playing a game using the 740M graphics chip set. it should never reach up to 90c, If higher the result is the 740M terminating the driver due to excess heat. So it can cool down, The laptop can also power off as a safety feature to prevent burning out of the hardware.

    You need to check if this is the cause.
    Of course do remember to put the laptop on a flat surface, with enough of an air gap for cold air to be drawn up.

    And do not lay the Laptop on a soft surface like a bed when using it. It will over heat.
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