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Hey guys. My friend was telling me he was getting poor frames. I asked him about his system specs and he doesn't even have a dedicated graphics card, rather the i7-4770 with the integrated 4660. He wants to buy a GPU but not spend more than $100. I told him I'm not even sure if a $100 GPU would be worthwhile gains and should save up to maybe $150 or more.

Do you know which GPU(s) are on par with the i7-4770 integrated 4660 so I can explain to him why spending less than $100 might be waste a money, along with provide some cards that he should consider if I can convince him to spend maybe $130..$140..$150?

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  1. The 4770 will allow any gpu to work on max usage with it, so -on par would not be a proper statement here.
    For $150 he could go for the gtx 750 Ti
    Spending $100 on a graphics card would not really gain much in terms of performance.
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    The integrated graphics (Intel HD 4600 on the i7) is easily beat by a discrete gpu, though if you pick a gpu too cheap it's price/performance would be terrible. He should save up for the R7 260X which is at the point where you'll get some bang for your buck. Either that or go all the way to $180 for the R9 270.
    The 260X is the way to go for this guy since it's only $20 off his planned budget.

    MSI R7 260X (at $120)

    Why i didn't include Nvidia? No im not AMD fanboy, Nvidias solutions are just had worste price/performance at this price.
    (Nvidia 750ti is same performance as the 260X but at a higher price)

    Hope i helped you and your friend a bit ;)
    Though the R7 will perform better in some games, the passmark score is not reliable at times.
  4. Almost anything beats the Intel onboard stuff. The Intel stuff is really bad.

    Personally I would go with something like an NVidia 750 ti, though you can get a Sapphire 260x on Newegg for 120 bucks. You can pick up a power color 7750 on there for 80 bucks. Any of these would DESTROY the Intel stuff.

    What would be better is to see if he could find someone to trade the 4770 for an i5 with extra cash, and take his hundred bucks plus whatever he gets as the price difference and sink that in to video. Unless he needs the i7 for something it would end up being a far better gaming machine.
  5. I agree that he should swap his i7 for an i5 but he lives too far away from me to assist him and he isn't the most computer savy. I think you guys are right with suggesting at mimimum the 260x or 750ti.
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