Does faster memory affect speed of LOADING games?

First thing in order to stop answers that are not about topic:

I don't care about FPS - I know that faster RAM affect FPS barely and it's not worth even mentioning.

Question is:
Does faster memory affect speed of LOADING games / levels in games?

Assume you have 1333MHz ddr3 8gb RAM, and what if you get 2800 MHz DDR3 RAM?

Will loading be faster? I can't find any benchmark like that because everyone are talking about FPS.

I also know that SSD is the best thing to get in order to have your games loading faster. I just want to know if faster RAM can affect gaming loading time.

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  1. much like fps, it minimal
  2. to be honest, like CPU power its effect on gaming is moderate.
    GPUs now have quite abit of ram, which minimises swapping with fast ram (system ram)
  3. it could, but nothing that you would really notice to the level of a SSD, more ram might help. Don't forget that cpu chips tend to get tuned to certain speeds of ram, i BELIEVE you would see a more noticable increase from the new AMD APU's going 1866+ on speed vs 1333, i typically haven't been bothering above 1600 on the i5s i've been putting together, would wait and see what others have for hard facts/experience.
  4. The biggest impact on load speed is the read times on your storage media.
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    System RAM is about 100 times faster than the typical hard drive, so obviously the hard drive has a very disproportionate impact on loading games. The disk storage is the bottleneck for loading games, not RAM. As long as RAM is faster than the hard drive, speeding up memory will have no impact on game load times. The system will always be waiting for data from the hard drive.
  6. Ram is the bridge and garage of your CPU and system. Things are ... parked there and then retrieved.

    It's an interesting time with the new Ryzen CPU and other CPU's for example. The faster they get and more complex they become it is now apparent the faster the speed of your ram the over all better performance you will have. BUT as for it affecting loading times... Yes but I doubt you'd really notice the difference,

    First check to make sure your motherboard supports faster ram and then get some good/less expensive stuff, when it's on sale.
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