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I have two Crucial Ballistix Sport's @1600MHz, except after loading XMP one is at 1600 and the other is only 1333. Why is this??
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    Need to look in CPU-Z, the memory tab to see what DRAM is running at, am guessing if CPU-Z you are looking at the SPD tab which is nothing more than info from the sticks, not what they are running the memory tab if they are 1600 should show as 800 since this is DOUBLE data rate (DDR), if at 667, then they are running 1333 or at the mobos default and need to be set manually or through the DRAM OC profile (on Intel = XMP, AND rigs might use XMP, or DOCP or EOCP)
  2. Thanks for your help! Checked CPU-Z and they're two different models. :s That's just dumb. Thanks!
  3. Wouldn't say dumb by any means, this throws a lot of people ;) sticks can show different even with the same model, over time the manufacturers can change specs, like upping the default boot freq from 1066 to 1333 or 1333 to 1600, so you may have two of the same identical model yet the SPD info will differ slightly
  4. Expanding my knowledge each post. :p I also have one 4GB stick of Kingston HyperX with the same timings as the Crucial one, would I be able to replace the slower one with the HyperX? It's voltage is 1.65 and the Crucial is 1.5 so if i just undervolted it, do you think it'd still run at 1600MHz?
  5. I'm not a fan of mixing sticks especially with different voltages, any time you mix sticks, even the same exact model it can be problematic and often is, I spend a large amount of my time on the forums trying to help people who have done just this, with trying to get the sticks to play nice via timing voltage changes (more than I would like ;) )
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