need help with my mobo

plz anyone can tell that my intel 946pl/gz mobo support intel pentium g2020 processor?
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  1. It is not listed in the compatibly sheet.

    Because it is not listed it will not be compatible.
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    With that chipset, your mobo is a socket 775, the CPU you're asking about is a newer ivy bridge which needs a socket 1155 (much newer) mobo. you could put a core 2 duo e4xxx series in there and be good to go.
  3. i have core 2 duo e4400 right now but i want to play latest games so i am planning to buy radeon hd7770 1gb ddr5,corsair 450w smps,intel pentium g2020,and 4gb ram and after buying all this i cannot afford new mobo till 5-6 months so plz tell me any solution?
  4. With a 7770, i'd just leave your CPU as is, you'll end up with a decent entry level gaming rig. If you sprung for an i5 and then threw in a 7770, you'd not see tons better performance with a lower-end GPU.
  5. does my current specs can run next gen games at least 1024*768 resolution and medium-high settings or not?
    my specs are
    intel core 2 duo e4400
    radeon hd 7770 1gb ddr5
    4 gb ddr2 ram
    corsair vs450w smps
  6. At that resolution, you'll get medium to high settings with most games with that setup
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