Need some help with first pc build

Hello guys. Soon i'm gonna make my first pc build, it will be used mostly for gaming (bf4,diablo3,titanfall....)Hopefully with a minimum of 40-50fps+++ on ultra 1080p in multiplayer :P and maybe some photoshop and newbie video editing :P
So.. i've read alot and i dicided to try to get as much performance for the money as i can (in other words.. trying to build high end PC as cheap as possible) :) Yeah.. i would be very happy with 4xSLI 780TIs and dual Xeons 2687 but... this in my country will cost to me arround a 3 years salary :D PCs here are pricey.. for our standart :)

MOBO: GB B85M-D3H /1150
CPU: i5 4570
GPU: EVGA gtx780 SC (NON TI, FTW, etc.. :))
PSU: XFX 550w pro \\ Thermaltake Berlin 630W 80 PLUS W0393RE \\ i'm not sure here which will do the job with this GPU
RAM: Corsair 2x4GB 1600mhz Vengeance 1.5v
HDD: SG barracuda 1TB SATA 6g/7200
CASE: CM SILENCIO 550 /LEATHER BLACK i'm not sure if the other parts (mobo GPU) will fit here.. and if you have any other sugestions pls share :P I don't care how it looks.. i want it effective.. and as cheap as possible :D

The build will be used with the HD4600 integrated instead the external GPU for a few months 1-3..

And here starts the questions :D
Is the i5 4670k worth it payin almost twice.. Since i will need a better PSU, MOBO and a good cooler +its price is few bucks more.. and the price for CPU power goes twice than my configuration. I Know everyone will suggest me i5 4670k but is it really worth it.. will i get atleast 20% more fps in games.. ?
Also.. what you will suggest me.. a high end super duper clocked gtx770 or a stock gtx780 :)
Do I need additional cooler for the i5 4570 or i'm okay with its stock one ?
And is the 4570 okay for a gtx780 or it will bottleneck it? Too many questions i know.. sorry about that.. :S

Sorry for my english :P
I will appriciate any help and suggestion!
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    IF you aren't planning to overclock, the 4570 will be fine. It performs basically identical to a 4670k. It will easily max all games. With an overclocked 4670k you will see 0-3% gain in games. Overclocking modern CPUs is pointless. Its really a hobby and only older CPUs really show any performance difference.

    Any cheap low end 780 will absolutely destroy a super overclocked 770. They are different cards. Simple as that.

    The stock cooler will be fine for the CPU.

    There will be no bottlenecks at all. You could use TWO 780s in SLI with that CPU have have no bottlenecks.

    For the PSU, get the 650w version of that XFX if you are worried, but the 550w version will run your PC just fine.
  2. You've pretty much answered all my questions.
    Thanks, i appriciate itl!.. So you have nothing to suggest about this build ?
    It's good.. ?
  3. If you follow the things I stated about the PSU, it looks fine.
  4. How about investing some bucks to 4770.. i'm not planing to OC.. since im a newbie :P and after the "reasearch" ive made these days.. in my eyes the extra cash for better mobo, psu and cooler isn't worth it.. but how about upgrading to a CPU with HT.. so the build will last longer ?
    I was thinking about Xeon, but they didnt have integrated gpu :S are they ?
    And i have to go without the GPU at first time since i haven't the money to buy the gpu right now..
    I've read something about xeon e3-1245 that it have some integrated.. but i can't find it in local stores :S
    I'm really confused right now :S
    Also im thinking about r9 290 instead of gtx780.. is that Mantle so great ?
    I need the build to last as long as possible.. maybe 4-5 years or so.

    Thanks in advance for your time!
  5. You don;t need or want an i7 for gaming as it offers nothing over an i5. Getting an i7 is by no means extending the life of the computer in any way at all. DO NOT think this. The PSU is the MOST important part of the PC by far. GET A QUALITY UNIT FOR SURE.

    There is no such thing as future-proof so DO NOT build a computer expecting it to last. Build a computer for now and know you will have to upgrade it. Mantle looks good on paper but the real world the gains are not great. I would get a 780 personally. Uses MUCH less power as well.

    Don't mess with the Xeon, just get an i5.
  6. Right now i'm swimming in information.. and for a beginner this could be VERY confusing :D
    With that many fan boys out there.. i cant sort the information well :)
    Some says that "future games will be optimized for multithreaded CPUs" a.k.a. AMD//HT intels.. cuz of the new consoles (which in my opinion are 1 BIG FAIL.. but nvm)..
    And the all mighty MANTLE on the other side.. I've read something about the new DirectX coming out aswell..

    I will stick with your advice.. and hope that no UBER NEW technology will come out after 5-6 months and make my PC look like a garbage :D Like with my first pc, i just bought a Sempron 3100+ and GF6600 and few months after dual cores came out :D
  7. First of all, you cannot relate PC games to console games. They are all coded differently. Consoles have been using more threads and different style RAM for years. This is normal.

    New technology comes out all the time, but you should be perfectly fine.

    The same thing happened with the gtx295. It cost $600 new and was the Titan of its day. Then 6 months after it released the Gddr5 cards came out and you could get a card more powerful for half the money. These things just happen sometimes.
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