GPU upgrade options; I need some help. (Crossfire versus new GPU?)

I have been looking to upgrade my GPU lately. I would like to make an upgrade within the next three months, and have been keeping a close eye on prices. A friend pointed out to me that it may be worth considering an attempt at Crossfire configuration. After seeing some of the prices for a Radeon HD 6870, $50-80 bucks, I am actually considering it.

My question is: will my PSU be able to handle a second 6870?

Here is my rig:

I have an ASUS M5A97 EVO mobo:
(It has one 16, and one 16[x4] PCIe 2.0 slots.)

I also have a ASUS Radeon HD 6870 GPU:

This is my power supply, a 650w XFX:

Currently, my rig is running a FX-4170, but will soon upgrade to an FX-8350.

Any and all input is welcome.

My secondary question is: If a dual-6870 crossfire is possible with my rig, how would it compare to the alternative single GPU upgrade, with a *preferred* budget of around $200-250. ($300 absolute maximum.)
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    Im all for crossfire,but in this case with that budget would i choose a single card.
    The 6870 is already "only" a 1gb vram card which imo is going to hold it back.
    For the absolute max. could you get a r9 280X,

    for the more desirable budget the gtx 760,
    a review with the 6870 in it so you can compare,,15.html
    even if you double the fps from the 6870 aren't you going to get the fps of the 760 and with crosfire won't you probably get double the fps anyway.
    took bf3 for the comparison,the 6870 is in this benchmark.

    If you want something on a tighter,under even $200,budget the r9 270X,
    again bf3,16.html
    even this card already doubles the fps form the 6870.
    Look for some more reviews yourself.

    With the psu are you probably fine if you don't overclock,single card or crossfire.
  2. Oh wow; I had no clue that the newer generation of cards enjoyed that much of a performance advantage. (I guess it doesn't help I am looking at a higher price bracket at well. I think I got my 6870 for $160 dollars.)

    Hm. I'll have to see if I can find more reviews that cover 6870 Crossfire configuration numbers, see if I can get a good approximation of the scaling I will get. $80 versus ~$200 is quite compelling, and even if my average increase/boost is around 50%, it still could very well be worth it.
  3. Calculatron said:
    I will get. $80

    If you can sell the old one for about this amount would the r9 270X not be that much more expensive.

    This is just one benchmark,there are others too like WoW,
    the 6870 doesn't do that bad.I just hope that 1gb vram will continue to be enough.
  4. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I have went back to the idea of just doing a single GPU upgrade. Your point of selling my old GPU and putting the costs towards the new seems to make the best overall sense. (Spending less now, with a cross-fire configuration, would most likely just create a headache for me later.)

    For my desired performance gain, and bang-for-the-buck, the 760 seems to be in the sweet spot. I may hold out for a 280X, but we'll see how well I can managed my funds, as well as if any deals pop up.

    Thank you greatly for the help!
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