my 160 GB hard drive is not showing in the my computer panel when connected through SATA IDE cable but it is moving when conn

my hard drive was not responding.As per advice of the IT expert it had to be replaced .When i tried to connect my hard through SATA IDE cable to the USB port the said hard drive is not showing .How do i get back my data? Kaushik
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  1. SATA IDE cable to the USB port. What?
  2. So your HDD is IDE, you found an adaptor for sata and then for sata to usb? Is that right?
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    Is hard drive sata or pata
    ( pata also called IDE or ATA )
    Is USB tray both sata and ATA connectable?
    Is this a 2.5" or 3.5" drive as 3.5" drive needs a psu
    Usually 12V
    Most 2.5" drives can run off USB power from desktops
    Can drive be heard running?
    Have you looked in device manager for USB to ATA or USB to sata bridge ?
    And hard disk?

    Give some answers to see if more detailed answer possible

    Mike Barnes
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