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When idling in Windows my video card runs at 90 degrees celsius with 3400 rpm fan speed (75%). Using GPU-Z to measure. When running games, the fan speed goes to 4500 (95%) and temperature to 105 degrees celsius. I get blue screens (seems to be related to overheating) maybe twice a month.

I have tried to take it out before and clean it, since I figure that must be what it needs (it is a few years old). But it has this stubborn case covering the card that I cannot remove for the life of me. I try to spray in there with compressed air but it just doesn't really get much cleaner.

I have removed every screw that I can see and the thing is still stuck on. It looks like this:

Is anyone familiar with this card and can comment or provide suggestions on how to remove this thing?


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  1. Can you provide the exact make/model of the card. HD 5700* and the generic pic of the reference card doesn't help. Every card has a slightly different way to remove the shroud. Did you start with removing the 4 large screws on the back of the card? Sometimes there are some smaller screws on the rear expansion cover as well.

    What usually happens even when the shroud is free of the card, is that the old dried thermal paste between heat sync and GPU acts like a cement. It has to be twisted slightly as you pull to break the seal free. I would suspect that is the cause of the overheating. When the thermal paste dries out, it loses its thermal conductivity and needs to be cleaned off and replaced. When you get the shroud off, you may see that the heat sync/fan is still attached. Like I say, each make of card is slightly different.

    * HD 5700 covers several models from that era; HD 5730, 5750, 5770.
  2. Thanks - I will open it up on the weekend and get more details. Generally though, are screws the only thing holding the shroud in place? It seems quite firmly attached and I certainly don't want to break anything. This absolutely sounds like the correct diagnosis though; So is the idea that I should remove the shroud, separate the fan / gpu / heat sink, scrape off old thermal paste, re-apply new stuff, put it all back together and it should be good for a couple years again?

    Thanks again for your help.
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    Yes. On the cards I have opened up, the shroud, heat sync, and fan all came off as a unit. Leaving the PCB with GPU and end plate. More than likely, the fan will need to be unplugged from the PCB, so don't forget to do that.

    Here's a typical dis-assembly. Yours may be slightly different:
  4. This worked for me - I just removed every single thing that looked like a screw on this card, (about 22 screws in total) and was finally able to twist it off gently, remove the fan and heat sink, replace the thermal paste. Now it's running at a cool 46 degrees in windows, 58 degrees when running games (1600 rpm fan speed). SO much better thank you!
  5. 22 screws! Wow. I'll bet half of those didn't need to be removed, huh? But now you know how it's done.
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