How to update Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H BIOS?

My current BIOS version is F3, I want to update to the newest version out - F9. Formatted my USB flash in FAT32 and putted my file in it. When I try to update it via Q-Flash Utility it says that my Q-Flash version is outdaded. What do to?
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  1. Gigabyte has a utility called @BIOS I believe, it should of came with your motherboard. All that you do is download it and let it check for a bios update for you. I normally do recommend flashing the bios, but if you are struggling you might want to try the easy to use utility
  2. Be careful when you ask to someone this kind of information. Misleading information may harm your hardware at your own risk, so always look for official support/manuals/guides first.
    I've just look at Gigabyte official page and looked up for tha lastest BIOS version for your motherboard model, and the version is F9.
    "(Note) Please use the efiflash.exe included in the zip file to update this BIOS.

    Because BIOS flashing is potentially risky, if you do not encounter problems using the current version of BIOS, it is recommended that you not flash the BIOS. To flash the BIOS, do it with caution. Inadequate BIOS flashing may result in system malfunction."
  3. I tryed with that efiflash.exe, it doesn't work. It says that it cannot be runned.
  4. The utility called @BIOS and mentioned by @eatmypie do not support your motherboard chipset, so you cannot use it.
    I've just found this guide:
    There is a note at page 10; you may need to update the BIOS through DOS.
  5. How can I do that?
  6. You need a pendrive (remember to backup everything inside it).
    Use this guide ("Use Rufus"):
    After format your USB with DOS, mount it and copy the files to update the BIOS to the pendrive. Unplug the pendrive, restart your computer, access the BIOS, plugin the pendrive and boot throught the pendrive. It should load the DOS.
    Now, go back here to page 10:

    The display will be black and with a prompt, something like: A:/ or D:/
    Use 'dir' to list all files inside the pendrive. If it contains the new BIOS version (maybe 'Z87XUD3H.F9'), then you type it name and press "Enter". Read it from the PDF: If the flash utility cannot be executed after system runs boot files, please try to
    run the command: Flash utility BIOS file name under the DOS prompt A:/
    For example: A:/FLASH864 7VRXP and press Enter.

    Just read the guide!!
    Page 10!
  7. I'll give it a try tomorrow. I'll keep you in touch. Thanks!
  8. Q-Flash is the way to go and the safest way too. You need to unpack the bios file after downloading it. You should have 3 bios files from the unpack. Copy all three files to a USB drive with nothing else on the drive. Boot into bios with the USB installed into a USB 2.0 port and enter Q-Flash and update, just follow the instructions. The USB drive will show up as a HDD. If you don't know which file, don't worry. If you pick the wrong file, BIOS will let you know. Pick another file till you get the right file. Easy Peezy. And safe.
  9. I picked the right file, but the Q-Flash said that the program is outdated.
  10. Is the right file the efiflash.exe?
  11. Looking at the BIOS there is not a version F3, but F9 is the latest bios. Do you have the right MB.
  12. Which of these 3 files I need to load in Q-Flash?

    I tried with the .F9 file and it didn't work.
  13. load all 3 files onto the USB drive with nothing else and not in a folder.
  14. And then which one should I choose in Q-Flash?
  15. Just tried this and look what Q-Flash says:

    The current Flash Utility is outdated. Ask your vendor or visit Gigabyte website for an updated one.
  16. Are you sure that you are talking about the right MB here? There is no BIOS version F3 for the GA-Z87X-UD3H. F7 is the lowest version.
  17. In the BIOS it said that I have F3. My mobo is GA-Z87X-UD3H and I just managed to flash the BIOS to F7. Next is F8 and then F9.
  18. Cool. You should be able to update to F9 now.
  19. How to use @BIOS?
  20. Managed to update with @BIOS. Now loaded Optimized Defaults and now it's time for a fresh install of Windows 8.1 because I managed to mess it up in only two days. :D
  21. Yeah @bios is really nice, and I highly doubt that they would have something on the actual overview page of the motherboard that shows @BIOS and have it not be compatible.
  22. Well, in my motheboard manual it says how to use @BIOS, so I doubt it's not compatible.
  23. Yeah that was the point that I was trying to get at, I think if you just used it at the start it would of saved you a lot of time
  24. There's instructions for @bios as well as q-flash in the manual. In either case I'm glad you got the MB updated.
  25. Hi sando99
    here is the latest version of your bios

    here is how to flash your bios

    there are pdf.'s showing full instructions on how to use @bios and or Qflash
  26. spooky2th said:
    There's instructions for @bios as well as q-flash in the manual. In either case I'm glad you got the MB updated.

    Yes, there are. I'm reading them at the moment.
  27. My BIOS splash screen is gone, any suggestions?
  28. The splash screen can be turned on or off in the bios.
  29. It's turned on.
  30. Try setting optimized defaults. Then reset everything up that needs to be set in bios like maybe the memory or whatever.
  31. Did that also.
  32. Starting to think that your bios may be corrupted somewhat. I was thinking that when you could not get q-flash to work.
  33. I read about other people with this Q-Flash Utility (although, I managed to flash one version with it) problem. I think my PC is too fast and it can't show the splash screen. It boots like I have an SSD, but I don't. Should I try to clear CMOS?
  34. You can try clearing cmos. You will have to set optimized defaults again and set up the rest of the bios. I guess you already know that...
  35. I'll try that. I'm amazed how fast my PC starts with Windows 8.1 and without SSD.
  36. I bought a gigabyte z87 and paired it with a 4790K but it seemed to be stuck on a reboot loop.

    Been searching on the internet for similar incidents and I think I need to update my bios to at least F9 to accommodate my 4790K cpu.

    But I need a CPU to boot my board before I can do the update.
    I only have a Q660 C2 Quad on hand.

    My questions are:
    1. Is there a way I can tell what BIOS my board is on without booting it?
    2. Will my Q600 be able to boot my Z87 so I can update the bios?

    Thanks in advance
  37. The bios version shows in the top right of the boot screen. Can you boot into bios? If you can the bios version should be listed there and you also should be able to flash the latest version.
  38. Thanks for the info.

    When i turn the PC on, it is stuck on a on/off loop. no display at all.

    Additional question: Will the Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H boot until bios if i remove the CPU.

    I was thinking maybe I can update the bios before installing the CPU.

    I'm pretty sure the board won't boot without a cpu but just wanted to ask anyway.

    I'm hoping this Q-flash utility works on my board.

    I will download the bios from gigabyte and try to install it using Q-flash (if i can boot to bios)
  39. You will need a compatible CPU installed for anything to work. And the CPU cooler too with the CPU cooler fan installed into the correct header on the MB.
  40. spooky2th said:
    You will need a compatible CPU installed for anything to work. And the CPU cooler too with the CPU cooler fan installed into the correct header on the MB.

    Thanks for the reply spooky, before i saw your post, I attached the monitor to the built in VGA hoping to test the Q-flash, but sadly no luck.

    I guess I'll have to find myself a compatible (temporary) CPU to boot and update the bios to F9 at least.

    What do you mean when you said, "And the CPU cooler too with the CPU cooler fan installed into the correct header on the MB"? there were couple of available sockets to stick the fan, ( i used the white colored one that says, sys_fan) hope i didnt messed up.

    With the information and symptoms I shared, do you think flashing the bios to at least f9 would boot my system?
    It took quite sometime for me to complete components. Sad to see them go to waste.

    my next goal is to find a compatible cpu and upgrade the bios.

  41. Try again with the cooler in the CPU fan header. It should The cooler fan needs to be installed correctly or the BIOS will shut the comp down. Because the CPU will fry quickly with no cooler. If it is in the wrong header, the BIOS thinks there is no CPU cooler.
  42. Can you share the information to determine the CPU Fan header?

    Here are screenshot where I plugged the cpu fan.

    I did saw other black colored sockets that says "sys_fan1" , "sys_fan2" , "sys_fan3"
  43. Yup, that is where you need to install the CPU cooler fan. It is marked CPU fan.
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