WIndows 8.1 does not recognize USB dirver

KOdak AIO used to work fine with WIndows 8 via USB. Since Windows 8 upgraded to WIndows 8.1 I keep receiving printing error message about USB drive not connected or not working. The blue led is fine. I also downloaded again KODAK software and upgraded firmware. Nothing seems to help. Microsoft recommends some hotfix but then it does not seem to work on Windows 8.1 only on WIndows 8? What a .... can I do?
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  1. Yes, I did. I checked USB firmware. I was just checking USB controllers in Device Manager one by one. There is a long list of USB related info, but interestingly it says there "No printer attached." So printer is not recognized? Although in devices I can see Kodak AIO printer 5200 also ticked green.
  2. When I send the print job, my printer starts murmuring and spooling but then I keep getting the error message mainly that I should check USB. Occasionally when I turn off the printer and start it again it prints once, but not for the second time. I can also scan to the PC.
  3. This all started end of December 2013 when I got upgraded to WIndows 8.1. No problems before, but it may just as well be coincidence.
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