Video stops unless I move the mouse

System Windows 7, HP Pavillion. GeForce 9100. AMD Athon II

Whenever I try to watch any video in full screen it will stop and I will have to constantly keep moving the mouse every few seconds for the video to continue.
I have GeForce 9100 integrated graphics and tried installing the latest drivers via my computer manufacturing website, but it continues to have this problem.
A couple months back I had the same problem and uninstalled a program and it disappeared. Now I am unable to locate such a program.
I want to know primarily what is causing the problem; whether it could be fixed in deleting some programs or installing new hardware/software all together.
I have Norton 360 and it hasn't detected any problems.
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    try getting the drivers from nvidias website and ensure you are installing the correct drivers. manufactures dont always keep up with their drivers specially when the products get dated.
  2. No it isn't set to sleep that quickly.
    I tried uninstalling some plugins for adobe flash player and the problem seems to be solved. Hopefully it won't come back again.
  3. The Nvidia website was telling me that installing the drivers from their website might not be ideal since it is a pre-built computer with integrated graphics. It advised me to download the drivers from my computers manufacturer. If this problem comes back. I will install the graphics drivers from the Nvidia website directly.
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