EVGA GTX 760 or GTX 760 Super Clocked

Is there a noticable difference between the superclocked version and the regular version? is it worth the extra money or not ? I've looked everywhere and i cant find a comparison between the two. thank you
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    Clock speeds, the super prob has a better binned GPU chip, but most all the regular GTX 760s OC well so chances are good can take the reg 760 up/near the Supers clock
  2. The factory oced ones tent to be of higher quality from what I've read. they have to pick the best cards to OC to ensure that they don't fail.
  3. The Super Clocked versions guarantee a certain overclock. It does give you a bit more performance (and the cost difference in Canada is like $10, so negligible).

    Some people like the SC versions because they don't know how to/want to overclock themselves. If you are intending on overclocking anyways, then you're good with either. I bought 2 SC versions because I got a good price on them.

    For clock speed comparison, when looking at EVGA's info:

    760 non-SC
    Core: 980MHz base/1033MHz boost
    Memory: 6008MHz

    760 SC
    Core: 1072MHz base/1137MHz boost
    Memory: 6008MHz

    So what they're saying is with the SC version you get at least 9% higher base clock rate. In real life though I got the following:

    760 SC #1
    Core: 1071MHz base/1202MHz boost
    Memory: 6008MHz

    760 SC #2
    Core: 1071MHz base/1215MHz boost
    Memory: 6008 MHz

    Then of course you can push them further. Mine at sitting at +60MHz core/+375MHz memory (750 effective) with more room to go.
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