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I have bought a Yamaha XG YMF744B-V 9918 KAOF sound card. But i don't know how to install. I mean i inserted in the PCI, then on the BIOS i disabled the onboard sound card. After then when i turn on my pc i get to see a "x" symbol besides the volume icon, which obviously means no sound. What i am suspecting the fault is that i haven't installed the driver. But unfortunately i don't have the drivers. Those which i got with the cd are outdated and doesn't supports win7. So its my kind my request if anybody could help me out in getting the drivers online (i finished searching the whole internet but none supports either the sound card or the os) Or if u know of any other methos of installing it please suggest me.. U wd be highly appreciated if it works.
P.S. I am using Intel mobo, i3 processor and the onboard sound card is of realtek!
I am using 5.1ch speakers, so i would a driver that has 5.1 ch setup with room correction facility.
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    You MIGHT be able to install the Windows XP driver and operate the sound card as normal without issue.

    There is no harm in attempting this method. If you want to be sure, manually create a Restore Point. This will allow you to roll back the system to the point prior to driver installation.
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