Is "Intel" Graphic card really stronger then AMD and Nvidia?

I'm using AMD Radeon HD 7850,and one guy keeps on telling me,that Intel HD Graphics is the best GPU ever made? WTF? is this real? how can Intel be stronger than for example the new AMD Radeon R9 or Nvidia GTX760 I always though that Intel are actually the worst "Graphic cards"
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    Either he is putting one ovver on you or not very well informed. The integrated Intel graphics isn't even as good as the AMD integrated graphics. Neither can come close to a good discrete card. Your HD 7850 is far better than the integrated video solutions.,3107-7.html
    Find your HD 7850 on the chart above and then scroll waaay down to find the best of the Intel HD Graphics.
  2. He could be saying that the HD series is the best of integrated, which is true; as the HD series has improved with processor generations:
    GMA950<HD2000<HD2500< HD3000< HD4000< HD4600
    These are all intel's integrated graphics solutions.
    My old GMA950 that was with the Core 2 Duo was far slower than even the geforce 210, which is widely accepted as the slowest graphics card that is still used. I'm told the HD 4600 that's come with my laptop's i5 processor is faster than the 210, and I have tested it to confirm that it's true.
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