How to comletely wipe a hard drive in Windows 8/8.1

My school has had Windows XP computers for as long as I can remember, so for at least 9 (Though I could be wrong) years (K-8). With XP being unsupported soon, they got new computers, and are letting me salvage parts from the old computers. I am going to take mainly hard drives. The problem is that they are going to wipe everything but the OS, because "We don't have the tools or software right now to do it." (-Mrs.Iana, Computer Lab Staff). So I have to do that myself, in Windows 8.1. I am not afraid of having 2 (actually I'm taking about 5-6+) disks with OSes installed in my computer, due to boot order in the BIOS (Unless I am wrong, and I should be terrified). Is it as simple as right clicking in the menu and clicking "Format" or is it more complicated?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. The drives do connect through SATA (not IDE), and are 80GB and I assume they are 5400 RPM, though I don't think that matters
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    it is just that simple.right click and choose format.easy peasy.
  2. aldan said:
    it is just that simple.right click and choose format.easy peasy.

    OK, but is there going to be problem by having multiple OS disks at the same time?
  3. no,there should be no problem as you are not booting to any of these drives but rather to your regular boot drive.
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