I have a 5 year old pc and I need advice on what graphics card is compatible for it

Hi there folks, the pc is a tower and its my girlfriends, she doesn't know anything about the specs, it seems like a pc with roughly 2ghz odd cpu, 2g of ram, runs on windows 7 (thats to give you a idea of the age of the pc)

Now for the problem, when the HDMI or VGA is connected to the video card it is broken and we believe that is the problem as the pc turns on and seems like its working perfectly normal is just the visuals are there, we can find out the make of the motherboard to see whats compatable (we can see a serial number on it in such tiny print and it is "C92B705-07266-60-M887Y0-B02" then after the serial it was "0411"

Now im guessing this is the product number as it is a preset build from a small town I live in but anyway the graphics card input is blue and has 1 long input and then 1 very short one, like this:


Ive tried one of the card from my pc but the tower is too small for it to fit in it (AMD HD radeon 5700)

If you guys could give me any indication of what the motherboard is or what graphics card is multi-compatable with old PC's.

I do apologize if ive not given enough information but if you guys could point me in the right direction or give me steps on how to pick a working graphics card (i doubt it is the motherboard that needs to be replace to be honnest and ive checked all the cables to make sure they are plugged in correctly, the pc has always been in good nick it was just the vision stopped at one point)

Sorry if i've explained this badly but i'd appreciate the help and all the best :)
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  1. Just an fyi but pics say a thousand words.
  2. Hi,
    You appear to require a "LOW PROFILE" video card.

    You also were not clear on whether she has a card at all or simply uses onboard video, but I think you are saying she uses video from a low profile graphics card?

    *HOW do you know if it's a low-profile graphics card?
    Basically, measure the end of the card where the connections are. It's about an INCH or more shorter than a normal card. Click on a picture HERE and you can see what a typical card looks like:

    If she DID have a low profile graphics card you could put that in YOUR computer and see if it worked.

    **Do you just need BASIC functionality or will light gaming be done?

    Use CPU-Z and GPU-Z to get information about the components, but mainly we want the MOTHERBOARD model which CPU-Z should give you.
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    Low profile cards:

    1) HD5450:
    *You would lose the VGA connection in low-profile, however the DVI-I connector would still support VGA with the VGA adapter.

    So this card supports VGA, HDMI, and DVI.


    $60 after rebate, and while not a "gaming" card it's better than most on-board video, better than the HD5450 by a lot and suitable for fairly light gaming.

    It does NOT matter what card you get for non-gaming in general provided it's working fine (look at customer feedback when buying a card).

    There's no guarantee that replacing the video card will solve your issue but it's hard to troubleshoot without at least swapping some parts.
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