8800 gts or 9600 gt which one as physx

I have a couple spare video card and was wondering if either my 8800 gts or 9600 gt would improve quality\speed if I used either of these as a physx card.
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  1. 8800gts>9600gt
    You could use one of them, however depending on your current setup it might hinder more than help.
  2. If your primary card is a new high end one both the 8800 and 9600 will bottleneck it (fast card has to wait for physx calculations).
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    This might give you some ideas:

    It may take some experimenting and BMing
  4. I think if you already have both cards go ahead and test it. I think it is useful to have a dedicated physx card if you plays games that truly take advantage of physx which I haven't seen to many now days. I was thinking about trying my old gtx 580 as a dedicated physx card for fun with my gtx two 780 Ti's I don't really see any issue with just putting one of them in there just to test it out. The 9600 gt was known to be better at physx than the 8800. I might test it on my system with the 580 like I said. I also have a 650 ti laying around that I might test it with also
  5. The old G80 based 8800gts isn't a good choice for physx and it has issues running the latest versions, the G92 has good support and is good as a dedicated but that G94 based 9600gt is at the edge as far as being good enough. Honestly I have done this and it can be a money pit on a new or middle aged setup and when re-using old cards for this purpose it has to be done right for it to really work. Fermi and Kepler cards have their weaknesses but for the power they do a good job and easy to track down cheap without being reduced to junk condition. The old stuff is showing the wear of use and time especially with poor driver support.
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