computer won't boot up after new hard drive


I bought a cpu which didnt have a hard drive. So I removed the hard drive from my current cpu and put it into the new cpu but it won't boot. It just gets to the bit where it asks how I want to start windows (normal, safe mode etc) but after that it just keeps restating.

I've tried changing the cable of the hard drive, also tried removing 1 ram as I had 2 in there, also reseated the rams.

Any ideas guys??
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  1. Taking a drive with a Windows install out of one PC, and putting it to another.....very often will not boot.
    As you have seen.

    Clean install in the new hardware.
  2. Hi,

    I have my product key but do not have my Windows XP CD, any ideas?
  3. My suggestion is to not use XP. Support for it ended 3 days ago. Any XP box connected to the internet will shortly become a target for all sorts of malware.

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux. Anything but XP.
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