Problems recovering data from 2,5 IDE laptop HDD

Hello, I have been doing IT work for a good little bit now and I have came across a problem. Luckily it isn't a customers, but it's one of my own old hard drives.

Literally had an ex grab the laptop one day and the whole "all you do is mess with this computer blah-zay blah-zay" and smashed it on the ground. I was able to recover the hard drive, which has precious data on it.

With my IT work, I have adapters to USB for data recovery, I get how all that is, no problems there, but the 2.5 is not functioning even with extra power wired to it. I believe the smashing of compromised it.

So my question at this point is:

Can I actually take the round discs of the HDD out and replace them into another functioning 2.5 unit so that I may attempt to recover the data?!

I will go to all lengths and any visual FAQs or instructionals/instructional videos would be HIGHLY appreciated and would be further knowledge of data recovery gained on my part!!! Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Big fat NO on removing the platters, or opening the case in any way.

    It's not even spinning up? I believe there's often some TVS diodes on the power pins, though that's harder to find on IDE.

    I suggest you send it to a data recovery place.
  2. Any attempt to open, remove, and replace the platters in another drive would probably result in failure. You'd have to set up a clean room and hope you were very lucky.

    Before you try cracking open the actual metal case, consider replacing the circuit board. This is relatively easier and might fix the drive so that you can recover your data. There are lots of guides for this type of job, just search for "replace HDD circuit board" or "replace HDD PCB"

    Than again, this one might be gone forever. Sorry.
  3. It's not spinning how would these data recovery guys go about this? I have necessary tools/ ect. Looking to learn a good bit about diagnosis and fixing of these things for sure.
  4. Also it has been opened...I'm certain to never pull that one again. Honestly, I really wanted to see if there were actual cracks on the inside(the case itself was a little dented, and I didn't want to power it up and have the hardware smacking into the dent and damage everything), it didn't appear to. I stored it in a box until I got some adapters. Used the adapters on other HDD with no problems, but with this one, nothing. No spin, it registers power for a few on my adapter but then never spins and eventually the indicator light for that goes off. there are small minute dust particles, but not that many. Does this detrimentally damage that part of the discs?
  5. And replacing the circuit board-- would this basically render the spinning parts of the HDD still intact?
  6. In your case, I would suggest that you should consult a professional data recovery service such as WeRecoverData, they provide free evaluation and consultation that will guide you and give you good insights on how to recover your data. Doing it in your own would probably cause you to permanently loss your data since your HDD already contain some physical damage.
  7. I've you've opened it, just one speck of dust on the platter can screw it forever.

    You can replace the circuit board, but IIRC you may need to move the memory chip over from the old board to the new.

    Leave it to the pros. Seagate also run a data recovery service.
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