Asus Wifi Go Access point - does not work

I have an Z87I-Pro, nice board.

I set up the wireless AP to enable mobile devices to connect to the internet via this AP.

It does not work. Sadly.

The mobile device with authenticate ok, but that is all. It gets an IP address from the AP, but won't forward any requests to the LAN connection on the same box.


The LAN connection is suitably configured to share its connection, so no problems there.

If anyone else got this to work, the secret sauce would be very appreciated.
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  1. What Windows version do you use? If you recently updated the OS, Asus recommend to reinstall the drivers.
  2. I am using win 8.1 on a new build of an HTPC.

    Using WiFi go, I configure the AP, and then press the enable button. It does the rest.

    I tried configuring the sharing to occur via the Gigabity Lan connection or even the WiFi Client connection. But no joy.

    In any case, thanks for the suggestion.

    Anonymous said:
    What Windows version do you use? If you recently updated the OS, Asus recommend to reinstall the drivers.
  3. "We do recommend that customers should re-install all Drivers and Applications after you updated OS to Windows 8.1 for better compatibility and stability." (>(

    I found this guide too:

    I'll read it and try to help; will edit this post.
  4. Further to this thread... I did more research, and am now clear about this feature not working as advertised.

    The AP function in WiFi Go, configures up a Virtual Adapter that it tied to your nominated connection to the internet. In my case, it's the Mobo Gb Lan connection which I designate as the connection through which to share internet access.

    The enablement of this feature, will create the virtual adapter with peculiar settings outside my normal subnet. When a user (read mobile phone or tablet) attemps to connect to the AP, the AP provides a TCP address that is tied to the peculiar subnet the virtual adapter.

    So... the Gb Lan TCP adapter gets a tcp address via dhcp. eg.
    The AP gets an address of (not configurable)
    The tablet will authenticate with the AP and is assigned a tcp address of something like

    The Gb Lan TCP connection is designated as an ICS sharing allowed. So all Internet traffic should flow through here.

    It does not however... the tablet authenticates fine... but no internet. Probably because they are on different subnets.

    Not good,

    I am not using the Wifi connection of the board, and while no disabled, it is also not connected. The reason is, I have a wired Gb Lan connection to this mobo, so WiFi is not needed. But the AP would have been nice to allow users in the TV area to connect to the internal network (for internet sharing).

    Just my opinion...
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