@Evongugg - how do you add a budget video card and disable onboard video?

I have a Dell Inspiron 530S with Windows Vista and Intel Pentium Processor. My computer froze and wouldn't shut down and fan kept spinning, so I googled how to fix it. I took the back off, cleaned out dust, then tried to restart it. Once I tried restarting it, the fan would run, it would have a series of 4 beeps, than fan, then 4 beeps, and so forth. I googled that too and someone said it was the memory and to try removing them. I did that and now the computer will start up but it stays at the Dell start up screen and there are blue vertical lines throughout the screen.
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  1. Well, on board video is disabled by default when you plug in a new card. You've got a slot for a graphics card, so card within your budget should work.
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