P8z77 m-pro number of fans question

Hi guys,

How many fans i can add with this mobo?

Currently i have 3 installed. Still have 4 fan slot available in my case.

Its a 3 pin fan inserted to a 4 pin. Right now i can only see 1 4 pin slot available.

Does it necesarily needs to be the 4 pin slot to use the 3 pin fan?

I am planning to add a few fans but not sure where to connect the pin slot.

I have a CX600 psu. Would it be possible to connect the 3 slot pin there?

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    It is not up to you motherboard, but to your power supply. You will need an adapter like this: link1
  2. ok, i checked the CX600 psu tech, it has four 4 pin connector, im guessing i can connect it there?
  3. Yes.
  4. ok thanks!
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