Radeon R7 - no HDMI sound, and other annoyances

Radeon R7 240 4GB in new PC doesn't produce any sound, connected via HDMI to external monitor. Control Panel "Sound | playback" tab shows only generic display and new HP desktop monitor - not the accustomed external monitor selection (RX326 'high definition audio device') as I have long used with Win7 in my previous PC desktop.

Also, on reboot, new setup always defaults to HDMI monitor as "main," with DVI monitor as secondary, and with wrong resolution and huge icons, exactly what I do NOT want to have to fight with resetting every time I reboot.

Should I just dump this card back on Amazon and go with something different? (this was on the list of cards that HP installs on my model, so...)

Win8/64, HP Envy i7-4770, 12GB
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    Hello, have you tried to install the latest drivers from the AMD website with the correct operating system and model chosen? If you didn't you have to go and download them now from ( ). If you did and it keeps happening, try connecting it using a different HDMI cable as this one might be faulty.
    About the monitors thingy, a drivers update might fix it, but I'm not really sure about it.
    No, if you are sure that the card is faulty, then send it back to the seller for a refund or a replacement. But don't send it until you are sure so you don't waste time. :)
  2. Thanks, Faoodx - that took care of getting the external monitor to show up in my "Sound | playback" options. I don't get why I had to go to AMD website to get that driver download, vs getting it automatically on reboot, or being able to get anything of use from Sapphire's support website, but...whatever.

    Remains to be seen what happens on rebooting - will it revert to previous settings? I will check soon.

    Also remains to figure out how to get my desktop icons to look right. right-click on desktop/view/select smallest made them look a little more normal, but they're still spaced far apart, and I also had to go to the display controls again to reduce the huge text size, so I suspect there's something else not quite right. Any other suggestions there?

    Thanks again.
  3. Reboot worked as hoped - yaaaay! And either the icon issue fixed itself, or I'm so sick of messing with settings that it looks OK to me now, so thanks again.

    I don't recall this being anywhere near as futzy when I installed my last graphics card a few years back (a GeForce); either it was better-engineered to get it up and running, or I forgot...
  4. Happy that it helped you :) It's provably the drivers that fixed your icons
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