AMD Phenom II quad core 840 processor 3.2 GHz

Does anyone have any tips on over clocking this type of CPU or has done it before?
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  1. only tip I can give is this;

    Make sure you have a decent CPU cooler and not the stock one, OC with AMD can get quite hot.

    My Intel i7 4930k is running at 4.8GHz and that is quite high, but the temps are decent as I have a Noctua NH-D14 SE2011, without it, it would be super hot (it doesn't come with a stock CPU cooler anyways)

    -Just OC through BIOS and you may have to tweak the voltage a bit depending on how much you OC.
  2. Is the zalman fan CNPS7000C-AlCu LED good as a cooler for overclocking?
  3. not as good no, but it'll do OC to 4.0Ghz just fine.
  4. i have overclocked it to 3.6 ghz and it temp now is around 51 c under load. Do you think I could go a little more?
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    yes, 51 degrees under load is fairly respectable.
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