Videocard or motherboard problem?

Hello, i have a problem with my videocard and i dont't know if my motherboard is broke too. Videocard is ati radeonx1900 xtx and the motherboard is Asus m2n32 delux edition.
One day the computer shout down, and when i press the power Button it starts and green dots and Lines appear on the screen, and all the text and images where a mess. U can't read anything. After a few minutes the computer would restart.
I try to change the videocard and it will not start. If I install the broken videocard the computer starts. Somebody says that it will start with a videocard that it has additional power supply (connector with 6 pins)

What can I do? Or try?
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  1. It's hard to say.

    Do a clear cmos after taking the old gpu out and before putting a newer one in,maybe that helps.
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