my old gts 250 vs my new gt630

iv just bought a new graphics card msi gt630.. now thinking this is several years newer than my old gts250 id assume id be playing games faster but im not im losing over half my fps and having to turn the quality down!! ? help
im using a msi k9n2 mobo and have 12gb of Kingston hyper x memory thanks jamie
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  1. GT630 isn't much of an improvement over the GTS250. Although GTS 250 is 3 generations older card, still the GT630 is weaker. I don't know who suggested that GPU to you, if you bought it these day, better return it and pay more for something else.
  2. thanks was thinking this I bought it on ebay as wanted higher quality doh!! putting it back on ebay..... wot card would be gud with my old msi k9n2 diamond mobo I have ddr2 memory is that important??
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    I think the highest you can get without any bottlenecks is the R7 250. Again your processor is pretty weak and maybe it is time to upgrade

    Here are some benchmarks between R7 250 VS GT640
  4. thanks I gess ur rite its a few yrs old now defo time to invest in a new beast
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