Can my pc support this graphic card ?

My motherboard model is Acer RS740DVF . psu DPS250-AB .
If I can, I want to change my graphic card from GeForce GT9400 to MSI VGA Card GT630.
My cpu is Acer Aspire. Can my pc support this graphic card ?
Help me please.
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    It has a PCIe slot, it will support whatever graphics card you throw at it. Since it doesnt have any dedicated power connectors, the PSU isnt a problem either.
  2. So this is mean that I change the graphic card whatever I want ? Okay . Thanks :)
  3. Not really, you will still be constrained your PSU connectors and your CPU when it comes to gaming performance. But as for whether it will "work" in that machine, anything that uses a PCIe connector would.
  4. Well, not whatever you want exactly. But pretty much any card with low power draw that doesn't require a separate power connector to the PSU.
  5. As long as the graphic card can support to my pc. That's enough.
    So in this case, only a few graphic card can work in my cpu. Like my GeForce GT9400. Well, Okay then. Thanks for helping me with such useful answers :)
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