GTX 780 Ti 2-way SLI vs 3-way SLI for 4K

Is there a noticeable difference between a 2-way 780 Ti vs 3-way 780 Ti setup when gaming at 4K? From several benchmarks, I know that there's about 15fps difference in games like Crysis 3 with everything turned on, 4x MSAA and 4K. Is that significant? I'm used to playing games at around 30fps. The 2 GTX 780 Tis will be overclocked and liquid-cooled.
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  1. Not a huge jump really after 2 the diminishing performance gain is pretty small for 4k you'll want to look into cards that will be released in the next few months or higher memory cards like the 6gb 780s
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    If your used to playing at 30FPS, the dual 780Ti's will give you such a performance boost to the point where another 15FPS probably wont be noticeable to you.
    Personally, I find that over ~45FPS there isnt much of a difference unless your using a 120hz monitor (which your not).
  3. Yeah, that's correct. I'll wait for the 780 Ti 6GB Edition (EVGA Superclocked too!). I'm used to playing fast-paced FPS shooters like L4D2 on 20-30fps, so I didn't think I would see a huge performance difference between 30fps (2x 780 Tis) and 45fps (3x
    780 Tis)
    I'll be posting my set-up here soon, as well as benchmarks for 2 GTX 780 Tis at 4K
  4. More memory wont give you anything in this scenario, 3GB is enough for 4K.
    Also if two 780Ti's could only pull 30FPS in L4D2, even in 4K, I would be very surprised. Its not a very intensive game. Crysis 3 at maximum settings I could believe, but something like that would easily run 60FPS at max settings.
  5. Uh, no lol! Of course not haha! XD 2 780 Tis getting 30fps in L4D2 would be a complete joke. I'm talking about my current setup, which has a miserable GT620.
    Besides, it would be overkill to run games like L4D2 on 2 780 Tis, that would pull around 500+ fps and give no extra benefit. They're meant for very graphics intensive games like Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, Metro Last Light, etc with maximum settings, at 4K resolution and 4x MSAA.
    So here are some benchmark results I have: (2x GTX 780 Tis, overclocked)
    Battlefield 4 Ultra 4x MSAA 4K
    Bioshock Infinite Ultra 4x MSAA 4K
    Crysis 3 Very High 4x MSAA 4K
    These benchmarks are using air-cooling, not liquid-cooling, so I wonder if I can further increase fps by liquid-cooling these graphics cards?
  6. Does liquid-cooling graphics cards affect FPS?
  7. Liquid cooled for over clocking the overclocking yes
  8. Modern cards pretty much overclock themselves based on various metrics like temperature and power consumption. Assuming you don't care about power consumption, it'l run itself as hard as thermal limits and software caps allow. Which if your water-cooling, it'l never hit that thermal limit.

    Little old bench but something I refer to... I have 2 290s and am looking to go for a 3rd eventually. Scaling is good with AMD and Nvidia on these high end cards.
  10. Aha! Thanks for that, was looking for something like that.
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