Having problems with preformance after I changed my CPU cooler.

Hello good people,

Recently I had problems with my CPU overheating so I changed my cooler and everything looked good. I started up my NBA2k14 and in from the time I entered the menu the frame rates were aweful, 1-2fps and it stays the same in the game(lowest video settings). In DOTA2 for instance, I have about 30fps and it should also be more than 30. So I decided to reinstall my OS and the same problems still exist. Does anyone have an idea of what could it be?

Thank you in advance/
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  1. Reinstalling the OS is useless to resolve an issue caused by a hardware malfunction. The cooler may not be installed correctly, but have you verified the CPU runs at full speed under Prime95 torture test? If so, what about the GPU (presuming you have one because you didn't provide a list of components)? Does it run at full speed under stress?
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