Can't get Cooler Master fans to connect to NZXT Source 530 fan hub

Hey guys, I recently bought most of the components for a new machine and was trying to attach all my fans to the case, but I ran into a problem. The issue is that the 3 pin connectors for my fans won't fit into the 10-port fan hub.

Fans: Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 120mm

Case: NZXT Source 530

This photo shows the two different shaped connectors- the red one is for the Cooler Master fan, and the black one is the connector for one of the NZXT fans that came with the case, and it fits perfectly into the hub:

As you can see, the red connector has ridges that are way too tall. My question is, is this an issue where the different shapes are used to indicate differences in wattage? Or is the hub using a proprietary shape used to make sure users can only buy NZXT fans, and if this is the case can the red ridges can be simply filed down to fit? Or, if these are two known shapes, can I just buy adapters to make them fit? Thanks for your time!
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    I'm guessing it's just debatable tolerances in what's not really a standard...

    Filing it down should be fine, but you might lose the warranty.

    Does it fit if you put more pressure on it? Most sockets don't have anything behind those ridges.
  2. Oh nice! Yeah I wasn't sure how far I could go with forcing them, but that was the ticket. I could pry each group up, and although the connectors are at a bit of an angle, they appear to all be seated properly. Thanks!
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