Need Graphics card Arma 2 (dayz) up to 200pounds max

hey i have a
im looking for a new one to run dayz at 60fps or more. im looking to spend up to 200 pounds can anyone help me out pleases
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  1. What is your system specs?
  2. Probably the best for £200:
    But, as Rolli59 points out, we'll really need full system specs before saying yay or nay, cards like the R9 280X need a good CPU and decent power supply to give their best.
  3. intel core i5 3470 1155 ivy bridge quad core
    12 GB DDR3 RAM
    120gb kingston ssd
    750 GB harddrive
    AMD XFX R7770
    600w alpine silent pu
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    The VTX 280X above is a great deal but here other options,137,70,112,167,148&sort=a6
    The quality of the PSU is not the best so maybe going with a GTX760 is the safest bet since the specs on that PSU are more like a 500watt unit.
  5. okay and is my set up good atm :)
  6. A GTX 770 does just fine in ArmA2/DayZ and ArmA3 (surprisingly better here). The 280X performs just as well. If you can get your hands on one, get a Z77 and OC that 3470 a little. I've read that you can get it up to 4.0GHz (Intel boost) on ASRock Z77 boards. It'll serve well stock with a 770 or a 280X, though at that point OC'ing that i5 will show noticeable gains as well.
  7. and which is the best one i can get to get 60 fps
  8. 3470 does not overclock and the PSU is generic with ratings of a 500watt unit, suggest GTX760 therefore, see my post above.
  9. so my best bet is to go for a GTX760
  10. Well yes considering the 3470 has a locked multiplier since it's a non-k, you still have the base clock, which you won't need the Z77 for, still doable on a B75. And yeah 600w is pushing it just a little on a 280X or 770. Unless you plan on going with a new PSU soon, go with the 760. Medium to high settings, which will still look nice at 1080p.
  11. what psu do i need then and my motherboard comes with a setting to over clock
  12. If you plan on expanding with more cards (aside from another GPU) a 750w will do great. If you want another GPU, go for a 850w. And yes your B75 motherboard should have an overclock option for the base clock (BCLK) which not only will overclock your CPU a tiny bit, but also your RAM.

    Corsair CX750M:
  13. westygaming said:
    what psu do i need then and my motherboard comes with a setting to over clock

    To overclock 3570K not a 3470 that has no K in the name.the current cheapest quality PSU I would run 280X or GTX770 on
  14. okay sweet and i just found my old psu which is a telsla 750 ( iknow it says 850w but mine is a 750w)
  15. That is junk! PSU shaped object 850 watt with 1 x 6 pin PCIe, no way.
  16. thats in my pc at the moment and works fien ;)
  17. Until it blows up and kills some of the other components!
  18. Agree with Rolli59: The R9 280X is a power hungry card and I'd hate to see your system get damaged by stressing the existing PSU too much, so the GTX760 is your best option unless you add a better power supply to the upgrade.
    If you DO decide to ugrade the PSU, a decent 600W unit would drive the current system (plus R9 280X) easily enough and I'd personally look for something a little more upmarket than the CX series. A Few Good Names: Corsair (not the CX!), Silverstone (not the Strider Essential), Antec, Seasonic, EVGA and XFX.
    Have a look at some card reviews, Toms, Guru3D and Techpowerup are all good places to look because they compare plenty of cards in their benchmarks, that way you can see if the extra cost of a PSU+R9 280X is worth it over the simpler GTX760 upgrade.
    Personally, I don't think swapping motherboards will help too much, the CPU is not likely to overclock enough to justify the cost and time required.
  19. I haven't heard anything bad from EVGA PSU's. That one would work just fine. Just consider the extra wattage you'll need when you upgrade again, but only if you plan on doing so!
  20. i just need a psu and a new graphis card but i buy the psu know a and get the card other time but can you just give me one card which will run dayz at the best with most fps
  21. If you're getting a PSU now, you may as well just get the 600w or a 650w from EVGA and later on get yourself a GTX 760 or R9 270x or whichever Radeon equivalent proves best in benchmarks, when you can afford it. Keeps under the 200 pound limit I'm guessing?
  22. westygaming said:

    That is a good budget unit. That series got good reviews as such.
  23. good i just bought the psu
  24. Decent choice on the PSU, it'll easily run either the GTX760 or more demanding (but faster) R9 280X.
    Looks like you, ( like most of us ) are on a tight budget and can't upgrade both PSU and graphics card at once. PC hardware moves at a frightening pace so I'll suggest that you go for the R9 280X if you can upgrade within a few weeks or repost if you need longer to save for the graphics upgrade, that way we can give you up-to-the-minuet advice on the best deals and choices available at the time.
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