Three Monitors for Eve Online, with a 780M Graphics Card.

I have a CyberPowerPc Laptop (16GB RAM, 4800MQ, and a 780M) that has a VGA, HDMI, and Mini-Displayport on the back. I travel for work (hence the laptop vs desktop) and when I am home, I want to be able to have a triple monitor set up to play eve online.

I've seen suggested solutions being daisy chaining displayports, which sounds interesting. But I can't figure out WHICH monitors to use. Do I need two displayports per monitor? Or can do the following; Laptop|Mini-DisplayPort -> HDMI Converter -> 1st Monitor -> Displayport-HDMI Converter -> 2nd Monitor -> Displayport-HDMI Conv. -> third monitor.

Or would I be better off buying one of those USB adapter devices?

Three 27" monitors would be amazing, but probably $900+ assuming $300/each. And its 10 inches over my 17.3 screen. I'd rather stick with something like a 23 or 24.

Most of the responses i've gotten on other forums are a one post response involving "just use displayport" - and research online gets me nowhere.
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  1. For the VGA you may have a issue.
    Because VGA is analogue and HDMI is digital so you will need a active convertor which are quite expensive and for gaming there is a bit of lag introduced when converting analogue to digital as well.
    But HDMI and DISPLAY port to a HDMI monitor should be fine.
    If you want 3 monitors you will need to get a VGA monitor for the third one.
    But for the daisy chaining of the monitors.
    Very few monitors actually support it yet.
    And monitors with these ports are rare but of course if you do get a adapter you will get some lag.
  2. Ah, so the best option would be to have three monitors, hook each one up with VGA/HDMI/DisplayPort?
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    Your pc should support 3 screens but I would check, I haven't been able too because I haven't got the exact model name of your laptop.
    As long as you use a Display port-HDMI convertor for display 1, Normal HDMI connection for display
    2, and use a VGA monitor for display 3, don't get hdmi for the third monitor as its not the best option for gamers because of lag and its very costly.
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