Transplanted Drive won't work need help!

A friend of mine gave me some newer PC parts that I put together tonight for a new PC. My 3tb Seagate drive that was working fine only hours before now refuses to work in this new setup. My bios sees it. I have run a bunch of tests on it with this SeaTools utility all gave it a passing grade. It looks like this on the Disk Management
Every bit of music I have collected over the last 10+ year is on this drive along with other important things. I really do not want to have to let it all go. Please help me.

Edit: There is no original build for me to plug it back into. The smaller drive in the image was the drive from the old build that ran the OS that has since had a fresh copy of Win 7 installed. The old build consists now only of an old motherboard+CPU everything else is being used in this build.

Edit 2: I tried setting the Sata controller from SATA to AHCI mode and RAID mode both of these would cause the system to bluscreen as it attempted to boot into windows.
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  1. Plug it into the old build, and get the data off it.

    Check that the BIOS is set to AHCI mode - there's issues with drives above 2TiB on IDE mode.

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    Well I fixed it. Lol im like doing a dance I'm so happy. But the solution is just hilarious. I installed Seagate Disc Wizard, thats it. I didn't even run it. While the program was installing I heard the sound that indicates new hardware found and up pops the autoplay window to ask me what I want to do to see the stuff on this new storage device found.
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