Will motherboard display ports work without cpu integrated graphics - ASRock H87m Pro4 and Xeon 1230v3

Hi I am looking to build my first custom pc. It will have an ASRock H87m Pro4 motherboard with a Xeon 1230v3 cpu (which doesn't have integrated graphics).

The motherboard's description mentions things about supporting triple monitor, 1920x1200 max resolution etc. (it has 2 video ports and HDMI)

I was wondering, will I have to buy a dedicated graphics card to use the computer? Or will the motherboard's ports still work without cpu integrated graphics?

I would've liked to wait a while for graphics cards prices to depreciate, since I won't be gaming for a number of months.

Here is the motherboard:

Here is the cpu:
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    You will have to buy a dedicated card as the motherboard does not have Onboard and only uses those Video Out ports when you get a CPU that comes with Integrated graphics.

    If you're looking at low end, the Radeon HD 6450 is a great card that does everything you would need except gaming really well, or a 7750-7770 would be great for running multiple monitors.
    For NVIDIA I suggest a 650 Ti over a 750 if you're able to get one. They are better off for running multiple Monitors or gaming if you have a budget.
  2. Processor Graphics ‡ None with Xeon 1230v3 so a video card is required.
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