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i have a pc running windows xp. i run windows 8 upgrade assistant tell that my pc can run windows 8. After i make a clean install. windows 8 remove the graphic driver (i saw in device manger that the graphic driver is microsoft basic driver, not intel driver). When i download and install the correct graphic driver,run compatibility mode windows xp, when installing, it popup an error (unknown error occured), click ok, the installation cancelled. before that, i install windows 7, it worked perfectly, no lag, driver installed, aero enable. but windows 8 i cant install xp graphic driver. Mine is intel express chipset family g33/g31 with 256 mb graphic memory
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  1. XP drivers don't work on newer OSes. You should try and install the driver through Windows Update.
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    It's not with the driver, it's on your Integrated Graphic Card. It can't support Windows 8 and checking it, having 256MB is very low. Much better you buy a cheap video card. Since Windows 8 can support your machine, but I doubt you feel some lag. Much better to upgrade than to stick with your machine.
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