can I put a 95 watt processor into a 95 watt motherboard without damage?

I have an old HP Pavilion 6310, which has a fried MB. I also have an older Compaq 5300, which I've done some upgrading to. After digging up the specs, the Processor in the old HP, an AMD athlon X4 630, which is rated as a 95 watt processor. The motherboard in the Compaq, has a TDP of 95 watts. HP's site says the Athlon X4 is a compatable upgrade, but I want to make absolutely sure, since I really cart afford to buy a new CPU at the moment (hence why I'm trying to recycle parts).
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    Looks like you have done the research and it will work if the Compaq is AMD socket AM3.
  2. It is an AM2+, which I know is compatable, but the 95W processor won't overload the MB and damage it, right? That is my biggest concern here, especially since I have also upgraded the Graphics card recently as well to an ATI Radeon HD5450.
  3. It should not if it is rated for 95watt TDP.
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