How do I overclock my G Skill Sniper RAM 2400?

I have an ASUS Maximus Hero VI and a G Skill Sniper 16GB 2400 kit. My CPU is intel i7-4770k.
Is there a simple guide I can refer to or can you guys give my a brief way to do this. I am a first time builder and I don't know much about setting things up in the BIOS menu. Should I overclock my CPU as well? I am going to be gaming at a max of 1080p on a 144hz monitor if that matters, also some amateur video editing. Thanks in advance.
Sorry about not posting the full specs, here they are:
intel i7-4770k
EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 Superclocked
Samsung Evo 840 1TB
Asus Maximus Hero VI
G Skill 16GB RAM 2400 - I read up and it said the base speed is 1333 or something like that
Asus 144hz monitor
Cooling - Cooler Master Hyper T4
PSU - Corsair RM Series 750 Watt ATX/EPS 80PLUS Gold-Certified
Case - Antec 900
Windows 8.1

I haven't put the pc together yet because I heard I should overclock the RAM sticks before I finish putting it together.
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  1. Check what speed your RAM is running at now.

    If its at 2400MHz, overclocking it would be useless.

    However OCing your CPU makes a lot more sense.

    But provide your FULL system specs, cooling, PSU, etc.
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    Initially just go into BIOS and enable XMP set to 2400 and try, the system will make the adjustments...may require a slight CPU OC, which is also painless, the Hero will automaticall try and set OCs to 4.2, 4.4 and 4.6
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