Is a OEM MSI MS-7826 Board in the HP Envy PC Good for 1080p Video Editing

I do some home video editing. I am considering this Z87 chipset MSI MS-7826 from HP and the I7-4770 Intel chip. Or doing a new build with a Z87 board from Asus.

My question is since this is an OEM board with very limited information on the web (can not find the FSB speed or support for DMI?) does HP take out some board functionality to reduce the cost of the machine? Does the board support the full Intel I7-4770 chip benefits and advance technologies (quick sync, multi threading, etc.). The board comes with HD 4600 Graphics-- should I upgrade the video card for 60fps HD video? I have read about many driver problems with video card upgrades on this board.

Thank you for your help.
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  1. On Paper, with a dedicated card, you should do fine. Having said that, MSI is nit my first choice of Motherboard. ASUS, ASRock, and Gigabyte are my boards of choice. FSB pretty much quit being a factor when the Core i stuff came in. The architecture is different form those before. It is listed in some places, but that is not something I pay much attention to. It used to be that if you had a Motherboard with an 800 Mhz FSB, then your processor couldn't be more than 800 Mhz FSB. If you have a Motherboard with a socket rated at 800Mhz and use a Processor rated at 1066 Mhz, It 1) may not work or 2) if it does, you willl have a processor that can put out more then Motherboard can handle. The FSB is directly related to the processor. It is the "Pipe" that the information from the CPU goes down so to speak. If that pipe is smaller ( 800 Mhz ) then the CPU ( 1066Mhz ) it will get bottlenecked. At least in theory. Memory is a whole other thing.
  2. Do you know if Intel Advanced Technologies in the i7-4770 are supported by this board or the bios?

    Thank you.
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    It should. There are probably some things that have been locked in the BiOS as that is usually the case with those OEM things.
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