Overclocking C2D e7500 cant go beyond this step Please Help ME :(

Hello, I want to overclock my C2D e7500 which is @2.9GHz I just want to get it to @3.3Ghz the only problem I am going through is Advanced BIOS settings which doesn't shows any FSB settings nor the oc settings, my rig ain't OEM but is my board the culprit? or it isn't designed for overclocking? The Bios version I am using is A11.

PS : I am gonna overclock 'cause I feel my CPU is bottle-necking my GPU which I just changed from GTS 450 to Radeon R 7770 XFX Core edition.I just mainly want average fps in DotA 2 at Max resolution(1920x1080) and almost Max settings with Shadows = low and
Ambient Creatures = Off. I usally get 60 fps with vsync ON but its flickering down to 30-35 this is where I feel the game is very uncomfortable to play.I tried to reduce resolution and lowered the video settings but the problem is still the same.

My rig

CPU > Intel Core 2 Duo E7500
MOBO > Dell 0T287N with intel chipset P35/G33/G31 , Bios A11
Current GPU> ATI Radeon HD 7770 XFX Core edition
PSU > Cooler Master Elite 350W
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  1. Dell's mobos are notorious for being very locked down. I'd be 99% sure that's your issue.
  2. how do I unlock it?
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    If it's like a usual Dell MOBO, you simply can't. If you have the budget for it, get a cheap quadcore CPU/MOBO/4Gb DDR3 RAM. Getting a new motherboard for that CPU would be a bit of a waste of money in the long run.
  4. Most oem boards do not allow overclocking. The psu is also garbage, so even with a good board you don't want to push it.
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