Computer Freezes Intermittently

I will try to explain this problem as detailed as I can, because I have tried everything within my realm of knowledge as far as computers go:

- I started with an Radeon HD5770 gpu and all was well.
- I upgraded to the Nvidia gtx 770 and that's when my computer started freezing when playing media such as video games, youtube videos, netflix, etc.
- I then return the 770 and get a 780 in hopes that it would go away, but it didn't
- I now start to think that maybe its nvidia drivers and such messing with my computer so I switch back to Radeon with the r9 290x. This does not solve the problem either.
- I upgrade my memory from 4gb to corsair 8gb vengeance, still freezes
- I delete all the drivers and re install them (look into my registry and find no remnants of previous drivers)
- All hope is lost. I take it to micro-center. The guy runs a hardware check and everything is sound. He does not know what is wrong with my computer as he cannot duplicate that problems that I am having. He tells me to delete all drivers and clean install. I do. It doesn't work. At least I learn that the hardware isn't the problem since he ran all my hardware.
- I give up and reformat the hell out of my computer. I do the factory recycling which takes around 4-5 hours to get rid of everything
- I reinstall Final Fantasy XIV (not a game that is hard on the gpu especially a 290x) and within the first 5 minutes it freezes. I give up. Lay on the floor. and cry. then write this thread.

I have:
Power Supply: EVGA 750w bronze certified
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon r9 290x
RAM: 8gb corsair vengeance '
Mother Board: AsRock 970extreme3
processor: amd FX six core

Ex. of problem:

Playing Final Fantasy XIV the game will freeze instantly. The sound will stutter rapidly (sounds like an chainsaw that's idling but at a really fast BPM) the mouse will be frozen, and the screen will be completely still (no image artifacts or anything just looks as if the game is paused in time) and the stutter will stop after about 2-5 seconds and then it will become silent.

When the freeze occurs, the lights on my computer remain on and nothing inside the computer seems to show any signs of issue. It is almost as if everything on my computer doesn't even know anything is wrong except for my monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

This is really all the information that I know. I've tried everything and you guys are my last hope. Please if you know anything or have a similar problem please let me know how you fixed it. I am eternally grateful to you all.

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  1. I forgot to add that I also was doing some trouble shooting and someone was mentioning something about conflicting audio drivers crashing my computer. I was messing around with that a little bit and I did not have any luck with that either. I had 3 drivers in my device manager. I had one called "High Definition audio device", "Realtek HD Audio", and "AMD HD Audio". After my reformat i chose not to download the AMD and the REALTek Audio, and I now just have two driver in there that are both just saying "High Definition audio device" but my sound is working just fine without realtek or AMD.

    I hope this helps as well. Thank all you guys again. This really means a lot to me.
  2. Update:

    I got desperate and I upgraded my motherboard from the AsRock 970extreme3 to the ASRock ASRock 990FX Extreme9 AM3/AM3+ ATX AMD

    and I got the same issues,

    Literally the only things left on my computer that I haven't switched out are the PSU and the HDD.

    Please someone help me. I am throwing money at my computer until the problem goes away, and I am running out of money!

  3. Also, I am completely 100% new to these forums so if there is some formality that I am not fulfilling then please let me know. Thank you for the help
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    I do not have the solution but yes I also experience this problem. It started after 3 months of formatting my Win 7 32 bit. My pc is 8 months old so it is
    only started happening after 4th April. What happens is that if i play a game in
    windowed mode and leave my pc untouched for 2 mins it starts freezing . Then if i move my mouse it runs well for 2 mins and again it starts freezing.
    If i play Battlefield 3 or 4 (Sound issues with BF 3 only) in full screen mode it freezes after 2 mins and i have to press escape to get into the game menu and then press resume it becomes okay and continues till 2 mins but the sound does not return to normal ( in BF 3 and Medal of Honor Warfighter only) . It also happens when i am streaming internet videos or just viewing my desktop and doing nothing . My screen saver is the bubbles and they appear but after two mins the bubbles move slowly and if i move my mouse it is okay. It does not happen when I am not playing games or while watching videos and moving my mouse constantly. The sound issues does not occur in youtube or windowed mode games. It does not happen when i am watching movies with vlc or other players which are stored in my HDD.
    I dont know the solution but I want to appeal to Toms Hardware to help this guy soon and subsequently help me.
    My specs are:-
    Core i3 3210 @ 3.2 GHz
    AMD Raedon HD 5450 2 GB
    4 GB
    Win 7 32 bit
    1 TB hard disk
    Asus p8h61- m motherboard
    Also I have Amd Hd sound and Via HD audio
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