Upgrading Dell Dimension E520 to Windows 7

I have a Dell Dimesnsion E520 that I would like to upgrade to Windows 7. I would prefer to utilize the 64 bit version to take advantage of the 4GB of RAM that I have installed. The machine has a Intel Core 2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13 GHZ. I ran Windows 7 upgrade advisor and it told me that the ATI Radeon x1300 driver was not compatable with Windows 7. I get the latest driver from the ATI web site (which indicated that it was compatable with Windows 7) and installed it. Ran Windows 7 update advisor and it indicated that the driver was still not compatible with Windows 7. So is this going to be an issues with an upgrade? Also any other issues in upgrading this older computer to Windows 7.

Thnaks for any help you can provide.
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    The problem you have with the drivers is that most of them are custom-made versions for Dell hardware, and they aren't available from the device manufacturer, you can get them only from Dell's support website, hence the "not compatible" message from the Upgrade Advisor.

    Although you already know that the existing Vista driver for the ATI card is not compatible, that's not insurmountable as you can replace that card with a new one, and according to the Upgrade Advisor the other drivers should be okay.
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