How to install front fan in Cooler Master Elite 311 cabinet ?

I was wondering whether I have to remove front panel of cabinet to install fan or install the fan from inside of case.

I see no way to remove the front panel(which the according to the manual of cabinet is the way to install front fan)and installing the front fan from inside of case seems impossible.

So can someone please tell me what to do before i break something?
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    You can remove the front panel, there is a lip at the bottom of it. Just behind it are two (dunno what to call them) things that you squeeze one by one while pulling the front panel by the lip at the same time and it shall simply pop off. here a video if it helps:
  2. Thanks :)
  3. From what I read, you can pull out the front panel first (see manual page 04) , maybe uninstall the upper HDD bay from manual page 07, then you should be able to remove/install the front fan because you need some space.
  4. I needed to remove front panel so as to tighten the fan screws from front side while placing the fan at inside of case.
    The video guided me how to remove front panel.
    Also had to remove Dvd writer first to remove the panel.
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