Is a OEM MSI MS-7826 Board in the HP Envy PC Good for 1080p Video Editing

I do home 1080p video editing at home. No gaming. I am considering z87 OEM MSI MS-7826 board in an HP Envy with a i7-4770 chip. Or a new build with a z87 board from Asus that has more features.

My question is does this z87 MSI board support all the Intel advanced technologies (turbo, sync, etc.). Does this functionality need to be supported by the HP bios? This is an OEM board so there is very little information on the web (FSB speed, DMI speed, etc.)? Are all z87 boards the same architecture? Does HP change the functionality of the z87 board or the i7-4770 chip to reduce the cost of the machine? I have read about difficulty upgrading video cards on this board that has native HD 4600. Would I need an upgraded graphics driver to support 60fps HD video?

Thanks for you help.
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  1. Z87 is the chipset recommended for the enthusiast or gamer, but it does have the features you'd want. HP's page on that motherboard shows that it supports the i7-4770 with no need to update the BIOS. Z87 is the name of the chipset that these boards contain, and all Z87 boards will have all the same features provided by the chipset, unless the manufacturer decides not to include something ie. the chipset supports 2 SATA3.0 connections, and the board only has 1.

    Video cards are another story. As long as they are installed correctly, and the power supply has enough wattage to power that video card along with every other component, the hard part's over. All that must be done is a direct video connection from the monitor into the card (not the motherboard) to use the display capabilities of the video card. Native HD 4600 is the integrated graphics processing which isn't run on a video card. For video editing, it's recommended that you do use a dedicated card rather than the Intel HD Integrated Graphics. Though, I don't think you'd need that powerful of a video card unless you were doing 3D rendering.
  2. Thank you for the explanation. It looks like the board has five SATA 3.0 connectors? Is that wrong? Where can I find the answer if the HP bios on the machine supports the Intel Advanced Technologies chip features on the MS-7826 board?
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    The Z87 chipset supports 6 SATA3.0 connectors. The example I used was for a Z77, so you're fine :)

    Here is the documentation from HP on the motherboard:

    Here is the documentation from Intel on the chipset (which the motherboard is built around):

    As you can see, it supports several features that would be useful to you. As for the CPU turbo feature, that should be determined by the CPU itself. The 4770 you're looking at, provides just that.
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