I am not sure if I need preinstalled drivers to make my PNY Geforce GT 640 work with windows 8.1

I am building my first computer, and I need to know if my PNY Geforce GT 640 will need any preinstalled drivers to allow it to work with Windows 8.1. If it does, how would i go about this? Or would I just be better off exchanging 8.1 with Windows 7?
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  1. You don't need to preinstall anything. Windows alone should have enough drivers to be able to use the card to output video and not much else. After you've installed Windows, THEN you can install the Nvidia drivers.
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    You are good to go. No need to pre-install anything. Windows will automatically recognize it during installation. When you get to your desktop the screen resolution will be low. Just right click and bump it up. After you run all your Windows updates you can then go on nvidia's website and download the official drivers if you want.

    Have fun with your first build!
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