Why is my internet slow?

For the longest time my internet has been slow. I noticed that I could play Xbox Live using a wireless router, without any troubles, but when I go on my computer, that's directly connected, the internet speed was very slow. I was thinking maybe it's my network adapter or the drivers for the adapter, but I'm not sure. Shouldn't wired connection be way faster than wireless?
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  1. Of course a wired connection will be faster unless it has 100m of cable to run through. Try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling.
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    Usually the bottleneck is the speed from your ISP to you (whatever speed plan you purchased). So often times your wired and wireless connection are about the same speed. But your wired speed should definitely not be slower than your wireless. It should be the same or better.
  3. Updated drivers and it works great now, 19ms, download 2.64Mbps, upload 4.44Mpbs. Newbie mistake!
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