Why is my computer turning off?

So I have an inspiron 660s I changed out the tower bought a 600w EVGA psu and a EVGA gtx 660 . I've put everything together in the bigger tower but now the computer will just turn off when I either accidentally tap the tower or just out of nowhere. Why is that happening and what can I do to fix it?
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    It sounds like something isn't plugged in all the way. Double check ALL of your connections.
  2. Well it turns off but turns back on right after, would that be the same problem
  3. What power supply do you have? It might be faulty.
  4. It's an EVGA 600w
  5. Do you have a specific model number? Some are better than others, EVGA has many different 600w models.
  6. Well I already gave up on it, but thank you for your help I broke my hard drive SATA connector so I'll have another question posted in a bit lol. Thanks again
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