Getting network, Bios updates new build?

I have the Asus ROG Maximus VI HERO Intel Z87 Socket 1150 Motherboard, I will be able to start the build soon.

When I boot it and instal windows, will my network be working connecting LAN cable from internet hub to desktop?

I don't have CD drive, don't plan on getting one with NZXT case (would rather avoid buying external one) but it does mean I can't instal basic drivers that comes with mobo pack on CD.I will need to get updates from asus site, worried I might get stuck if network doesn't work.

Anyhow any advice on the matter to first time builder?

Thanks !

PS: Can I run GPU stress tests to see if its in tip top shape while using TV screen, monitor has not arrived yet.
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    Use a USB stick to install windows and then download the latest drivers and copy then to a USB stick (NEVER us the CD if you can get newer drivers).
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