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So I'm thinking of buying a new cpu cooler for my newly built pc. The cooler I had in mind is Scythe Mugen 4.

Specs are:
Amd fx 8320
Asus m5a97 evo r2.0
Zalman z3 plus
2x g.skill ripjaws x

So will the cooler fit in the case and are the ripjaws going to be in the way? (Since they look higher than average ddrs)

Thanks in advance. :-)
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  1. Looks good.
    And it will definitely fit in the case and with the ripjaws?
    Is it somewhat quiet?
    The stock cooler is annoying with all its noise.. :-)
  2. Best answer
    I have it in my PC and I'm super happy with it. Cools well, is quiet and I have a Zalman Z11 Plus, it fits just fine so your case won't have problems. Oh and I also have RipjawsX RAM.
  3. Sweet. I'll order the cooler master then.
    Big thanks for the help. :-)
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