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I have been a certified repair tech for over 7 years. Lately I am noticing that many AMD based systems (which now come loaded with Windows 8/8.1) have an integrated graphics card which is part of the processor (AMD A4). I have run into this problem twice now on 2 seperate AMD based systems and I cannot find the solution.

I install a fresh copy of Windows 7, everything works fine. When it comes to installing the video drivers Windows 7 automatically installs a generic VGA driver. So I download the driver for Windows 8/8.1 from the manufacturers website ( and I am totally unable to install it. According to the HP website, there is no AMD video driver for this system for Windows 7. If I run the executable setup (for Windows 8.1) it ends up telling me that the driver is not designed for my OS. If I try to install through the device manager it tells me that the correct driver is already installed.

I'm kind of lost here, does anyone know of a solution?

The computer I am currently working on is an HP Pavilion Slimline 400-224 (AMD based). It can be found here:
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    What about downloading the Catalyst suite from AMD's website? Not sure if that will give you everything you need.
  2. Thanks that actually worked! Back about 6 months ago I tried the same thing and it was a no go, looks like AMD has fixed some of the problems with the Catalyst suite :)
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